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Debian Jr. is a Custom Debian Distribution (CDD) project.
Their goal is to make Debian an OS that children of all ages will want to use. Their initial focus will be on producing something for children up to age 8. Once they have accomplished this, their next target age range is 7 to 12. By the time children reach their teens, they should be comfortable with using Debian without any special modifications.

The Debian Jr. needs a logo and all designers are welcome!

The main logo symbol for the Debian Jr., which will be used for the web site, desktop themes, software media labels, printed matter, hardware equipment and so on.

* The logo must be identifiable directly to the Project.
* The logo must be original work of the submitter.
* The logo should be vector graphics, not a bitmap image.
* The logo should be usable in monochrome and color media,
including limited colors (say 2 or 3 colors).
* The logo must not exploit or offend anyone's sex, race, religion, morality, culture, nor be salacious or pornographic.
* The logo should convey attributes of the Debian Jr. project.
* Please keep in mind the broad age ranges reached by this project, so images that will only appeal to a very narrow range of ages are not as desirable as those with broader appeal.

Submission deadline
16 Jul 2007 23:59:59 (UTC)

The competition is open to all designers, both professional and non-professional. Participation can only take place in a private personal capacity.

Prize to winner
* Will have his work included in default themes of distro.
* Will gain an mail and the prestige of the Debian community. :)

Submission format
Each submission should include the following information and should be submmited in DebianArt.

* Artwork source file (.svg)
* Design concept / description.
* Submitter's full name, email address.

Copyright assignment

The artwork must agree to license GNU General Publice Licence.
By submitting a logo for entry in the competition, the designer acknowledges that he/she is the person that made the logo and is its rightful owner.
The designer also certifies that the logo does not infringe upon the rights of any third party and that it does not violate any copyright.

Debian Jr. Logo is currently open and taking submissions.

Submissions allowed until:

Monday July 16th, 2007 at 12:59pm

(Only logged in users can submit entries.)

GPL - General Public License.
To report a problem with the web site, e-mail
Debian is a registered trademark of Software in the Public Interest, Inc.