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Debian Splash

by: admin
featuring: Bastian Venthur
date: May 07, 2007 01:49 pm
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admin says

“I tested ubuntu a few weeks ago and noticed that it has a very cool artwork for grub and usplash. Actually it is the same image (no visible switch after grub when usplash gets activated). This gives the boot process a very polished and professional look and I thought we could (should?) have something similar. The image ([WWW] grub [WWW] usplash ) itself is quite simple yet nice looking — In contrast to the aforementioned debblue theme where the “debian” writing takes the whole with of the screen which makes it much less professional looking than the ubuntu-counterpart.

Update: I’ve created something similar looking for Debian. I’ve no idea how to include it into grub and usplash, but maybe someone else is interested: ”

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